“Great knowledge base as well as vessel support in all aspects, coupled with ruthless German efficiency. I have had the pleasure to use Lunautica since 2006, and continue to do so.”
Captain Klaus Jackson

“I run one of the busiest boats in the fleet with a non-stop schedule. If it weren’t for the outstanding support we receive from LUNAUTICA we would not be able to stay on top of everything. Working 24 hours a day on board the Harle, I know I can count on all the wonderful people at Lunautica at all times. I call at all hours and request all types of things and they have NEVER failed me!
We are very successful at keeping our owner and guests very happy. LUNAUTICA plays a major role in making that happen!

I highly recommend them to anyone who needs the very best support around.”
Captain Glen Allen

“Knowledge, performance and integrity are what I seek from shore support. These are the cornerstones of Christiane and Lunautica. When it is too hard… that’s when I ring Lunautica.”
Captain Brendan O’Shannassy

“The team at LUNAUTICA offers me the most reliable shore-side support, it is available 24 hours a day, has a wide range of skills and permits me entry into a strong network of like-minded professionals. In short, they are the standard.”
Captain Michael Lovely

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